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Consultant and Solutions

Feasibility study, detailed project report, financial analysis sensitivity analysis, pre-bid engineering, preparation of documents for submission to government agencies for preliminary approvals
We provide solutions for energy consumers, customers and suppliers, generating value through the supply chain and making it easier for companies to further their focus on the development of their core business.
  •   Detailed Project Reports
  •   Power System Analysis
  •   Power Generating Plants
  •   Engineering Services
  •   Detailed Engineering
  •   Inspection
  •   Renovation and Modernization
  •   Basic and Front End Engineering
  •   Design and Engineering
  •   Project Management
  •   Construction Management
  •   Energy Management Systems

Consultancy Services Offered for Power Plant

We strategize with global companies to help formalize a plan for energy management that is doable now, to help them in the future with sustainability consulting. Understanding the source of their energy, the breakdown of what kind of energy is used, and their goals going forward related to energy use are all important topics we discuss with clients. In understanding energy management systems, it is important to conduct a facility optimization audit to identify where there might be value and savings available by reduction of consumption or shifting to renewable energy sources.

  • Design and engineering services - Basic and detailed engineering of industrial boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, and utility boilers
  • Combustion system - Fuel firing system, modifications, introduction of auxiliary / supplementary fuels in existing boilers
  • Pollution control equipment’s - Mechanical dust collectors, ESPs, Bag filters, etc
  • Piping - Layout preparation isometrics, stress analysis, support engineering, valve scheduling control valve selection, orifice selection.
  • Instrumentation systems - Specification of PLCC/DCS system engineering, control room instruments, logic and interlock systems, TG controls, generator logics, instrumentation for balance of plant equipment.
  • Life extension studies - Power plant system improvement viz pressure parts, fuel firing systems, electrical, instrumentation, rotating machinery, pollution, control systems, etc.
  • Project engineering services like preparation of bid documents, bid evaluation, procurement assistance, inspection, expediting, etc.